3 Advertising tips for better results in regional markets

If you’re new to advertising or a regional or metropolitan business currently advertising in regional markets, here’s a few of our top tips to get the most from your advertising dollars. Read on for our best tips.

1 – Invest in your creative

Many businesses in regional areas use advertisements made by local media outlets for no charge or minimal cost.  It seems like a great option & saving but you get what you pay for & your ad generally blends in with all other advertisements which severely decrease its chances of reaching your audience.

Your advertisements need to be unique. Thinks of ads that stand out to you, that you instantly recall —most will have a musical signature a sonic trigger or jingle that is unique to that business.  If you get this part right , you’re well on your way to an effective advertising campaign.

2 – 15 second TV commercials

Where possible produce & run 15 second commercials.  15 second ads run at upto half the cost of a 30 but reach the same audience numbers.  Plus the other benefit is a greater access to bonus & filler spots, no charge spots that enhance your campaigns chances of a positive return.

3- Regional focused advertising agencies

Use an agency that specialises in regional areas. A media buyer that has an in-depth knowledge of regional areas, available options and most importantly the value and cost of each option. 

A lot of metro media buyers mainly focus on the metropolitan markets, which they are great at, but this often leads to, you as the client, paying substantially more for campaigns in regional areas. As compared to agencies who specialise in regional markets.

The agency should be a free service, paid by a commission back by media outlets. This is critical, no sign on fees, no retainers, they should be a great asset to your business at no extra cost.  Assisting with overall strategies while utilizing your allocated budget as efficiently as possible.

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