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Share Media

Share Media is a regional based advertising agency that aims to deliver metropolitan standard services to regional areas.

We become part of your team & strive to obtain the best return on investment for each advertising dollar.

The Share Media Business model allows regional businesses to access the ideas and capabilities of the most talented people in regional Victoria. Each of these persons own their own business.

Advertising Group, = a group of business owners that all specialise in an area and work together to think, create and help your business stand out from your competitors.

At share media you work with people that all own their own business, people that understand business & Like you people that have the ability and courage to follow their talent and dreams & start their own business!
Share Media is a free service, you only pay for what you are quoted and accept to use. Its that simple!!

What We Do
Plan, create, implement and measure strategic campaigns that work.

How We Do It
Obtain an intimate knowledge of business objectives & the target audience, produce cutting edge commercials & place in front of the target audience.

Why Choose Us
Save you time, make each dollar work as efficiently as possible & we get results!

Share Web

Marketing your business online begins with some research and ends with a strategy. We work with you to develop a strategy that fits your business and reaches your audience. We keep things simple to get you results.

A good online strategy starts with a great website. We create a site tailored to your audience, building trust and credibility while reinforcing your brand.

Online marketing gets to the heart of researching and targeting your audience. Using statistical information about your customers we can build a campaign to take you right to your audience.

Social media is about reaching your audience in a whole new way. By providing engaging and thoughtful content, your social media strategy can keep you top of mind.

“A targeted optimised online strategy will bring customers to you”

At Share Media we create strategic online solutions that open the door to new customers. We get your advertising online, and working for you 24/7.

We work with you to create a strategy for finding new customers and keeping existing ones coming back. Whether that be a website, social media or online marketing, we get results.

At Share Media we know that the best solution is one that works for you. Our online services are strategically aimed at your target audience, to bring you quality customers.

Share TV

We get great results with television in regional areas.

The reason – cutting edge commercials strategically placed to reach our targeted audience.

This agency was founded on the belief that better production means better results!

“The Power of Television is maximised with this Harmac Homes TVC, take a look….”

Share Radio

Radio works in regional areas.

In Regional areas 51% listen to the radio for information/news on their city.

Like Tv your creative needs to be unique.

A distinct musical signature, Voice or sonic trigger are keys to success.

“95% of all Australians listen to the radio each week!”