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Media Buying

media buyingWhat is media buying?

A media buyer represents each of their businesses with all media outlets in the market.  By using a media buyer you save time, save money and you should be assisted to make better decisions, the end result a better return on investment for all advertising dollars.

Why should I use media buying?

Rather than buy yourself, buy as part of our group, we buy each month all different mediums so make sure you are getting the best deal in the marketplace.  We are buying for lots of different busineses using a mix of all mediums so we know what best suits you at that specific time.

How will this help my business?

By allowing Share media to represent you with all media outlets you become more efficient at running your business, all media outlets are instructed to communicate with Share Media rather than you direct, this stops you taking calls/emails from all tv stations, all radio stations, all newspapers etc  on a monthly basis.

Why Share Media?

When you buy direct you are being sold only what the media outlet can sell, with Share media we are looking at all options to get the best result for your BUDGET only.